– Specialized hospitals
– Generalist and specialized private clinics
– Dialysis clinics
– Travel agencies specialized in medical tourism and other operators working on this segment
– Hotels offering special facilities for the reception of the tourists with specific needs
– Medical transport
– Architectural offices specialized in healthcare structures
– Specialized survey and consultancy offices
– The professional structures
– The scientist societies

  • – Pharmaceutical Laboratories
    – Suppliers of raw materials and molecules for the pharmaceutical industry
    – Suppliers of material and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
    – Pharmacy fitting
    – Services intended to the branch

– Medical material: operative unit, reanimation, anesthesia, surgery, dental and ophthalmologic material, imagery, exploration material, materiel of unique use, orthopedic material, sterilization, disinfection …
– Equipment and products of laboratories
– Accommodation equipment
– Gerontology and handicap equipment
– Emergency equipment and material
– Logistics and engineering

– Laboratories of medicinal products for animal health.
– Suppliers of Medical Equipment and Devices for Veterinary Medicine

  • – Thalassotherapy centers
    – Thermal stations
    – Suppliers of equipment intended to the Thalasso and to the Thermal treatments
    – Designers of Thalasso and Thermalism centers
    – Suppliers of maintenance and care products used in the Thalassotherapy and Thermal treatments
  • – Suppliers of fitness equipment
    – Suppliers of nutritional supplements and dietary foodstuffs
    – Suppliers of natural care products and beauty products
    – Beauty and fitness institutes
    – SPA centers
  • – Information management system, networks, materials and informatics maintenance
    – Telemedicine, Internet: sites and services
    – Systems, solutions and health computing applications
    – Security systems and applications
    – Management of the databases of health and medical establishments
    – Management of information systems
    – Advices / SSII / Associated Services
  • – Companies in the field of hospital hygiene and health care waste (collection, transport and treatment).
    – Suppliers of material and equipment addressed to the branch
    – Suppliers of hygienic products for healthcare establishments
    – Specialized companies of planning and consulting

– Universities, schools and training centers in the public and private sectors offering training in the medical and paramedical fields

Tunisian and international governmental and non-governmental structures of support, of awareness and of prevention, concerned with this type of activity as well as the associations of patients